" The table is perfect - elegantly designed to my specifications with a tight time-frame for completion. 
I feel proud when I explain its origins."
- A Lloyd SW London

"A beautiful and timeless part of pre-history, now part of our home. A unique and practical form of time travel"
- James Ferris

"We spent months and months trawling the internet for a wow dining room table.
We certainly found this and more with the unique table design we purchased from you.
The double root arrangement was a fantastic idea and the way it is assembled and presented is truly outstanding.
We have had some amazing comments on this table and chairs.
Thank you for help and impeccable service.
If any prospective purchaser of your roots needs any further endorsements I am happy to give them directly
- Peter Allen

"It looks stunning in situ and is as much a piece of art as it is a piece of
furniture. It was great to be able to get something made to measure
perfectly for the room. Think we'll get rid of the TV and just look at the
table from different angles!
- Mrs K Walker, Kent

"I stumbled across the "Kinkyroots" website and to my delight found exactly what I was looking for. Indeed, I was spoilt for choice as there were so many brilliant pieces. I decided upon "Copsicopia Hollow" because it would make a relatively low but quite large coffee table which would perfectly suit the space I had available. I am delighted with the result and my table has drawn admiring comments from all who see it. It looks stunning and completes the room beautifully."
- JB, Romney Marsh, Kent

"We were looking for a coffee table, and found a natural, archaeological wooden sculpture from Kinky Roots that took our breath away. It's spellbinding to look at - the highlight of the room. Oh, and it's a great coffee table too, but that's just a bonus!"
- AS, London SW15

"I was looking for a statement coffee table as the room is very large and it needed something striking or it would just get lost. I looked at driftwood as I have a natural theme and the house is on the coast and during the search came across Kinky Roots. Also the lady who helps me with interior design had seen one in a clients house and was very impressed. I fell in love with the No1 Root, Aboureolis as I loved its form and colours of the wood. The idea of something so old appealed too plus the fact that it is completely unique! Thank you."
- SS, Fishguard, Wales