Root History

Kinky Roots engaged the services of the world's largest radiocarbon dating laboratory Beta Analytic Ltd to scientifically age the roots.

The Dendrochronology report provides information on the age and composition of the wood.

The roots have been aged at between 3840 and 4090 years old (Before Present)*. They are roughly 4000 years old.

Dendrochronology Report

Calibration of Radiocarbon Age To Calendar Years
2 Sigma Calibrated Results (95% probability)
CAL BP 4090 to 3840

* 'Before Present' means before the year 1950; the year scientists use as year 0; from which to measure the radio carbon age. The use of thermo-nuclear weapons, post 1950, created enormous amounts of radiocarbon and irreversibly affected the capacity to age materials.

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