About Kinky Roots

Kinky Roots is a design-led furniture business. The philosophy behind Kinky Roots is a passion for wood and the beauty of the natural form. At the core of each piece is an ancient root, beautifully crafted to show its shapes and kinks. Each piece is an original.

Kinky Roots are ancient
They have been aged at between 4090 and 3840 years BP meaning before 1950, the date radiocarbon dating treats as year 0 (see Dendrochronology report). Owning a Kinky Root is owning a piece of history. The roots are all from the UK and have been preserved for thousands of years deep beneath the soil.

The majority of roots
are coffee tables and there is currently one wall sculpture (Dining tables and smaller pieces are currently at the design stage). The size and shape of the roots determine the design and use of each Kinky Root. Each piece is unique and there is limited supply. Consequently, every Kinky Root has an individual number and a name which has been inspired by the root.

The Kinky Root coffee tables
have toughened glass bases and tops which create a visually stunning appearance, as if they are suspended below water. Some pieces have a seam of Swarovski crystals running through them. This is intended to reflect the light and create a constellation of stars effect around your room.